CSA Shareholder Agreement:

I hereby purchase a farm share from Little Red Hen for the 2020 growing season. I acknowledge and agree that, although Little Red Hen and its partner farms are committed to providing high quality produce throughout the growing season, there are risks in agriculture (i.e. poor weather, drought, disease, early frost, crop failure, etc) that are ultimately shared by the shareholders and the farm. I acknowledge and agree that there is no guarantee of the exact amount or types of produce that I will receive in my share. I understand that I or my representative am agreeing to pick up my share each week on the day and time that I choose from these options: Mondays 3-6pm or Saturday 1-7pm.

By completing your payment transaction, you agree to the above terms. 

Return to "Produce CSA" page and use the PayPal buttons to complete transaction. 

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