Are we organic?

Many people ask us if we raise our animals organically. That's a loaded question!!

And the short answer is yes! We are not certified organic and we do not purchase organic feeds. The high price of organic feeds are not sustainable for small farmers in this market. Furthermore, if you read the labels on organic feeds, the first few ingredients include "organic corn & organic soybeans". These are not the healthiest options for the animals (or us) regardless of their organic status.

We believe the word organic has become lost in our culture and has become a great marketing tool. Becoming certified organic is a tremendous amount of money and red tape and you should know, DOES NOT PROHIBIT THE USE OF PESTICIDES OR CHEMICALS!! There are many allowable pesticides--that kill bees--on the "organic" list!

It also means that if you have an animal that becomes ill--and yes, it happens even on the best kept farms--you may not use antibiotics/medications to treat them!

These ideas do not line up with our philosophies. Here's how we do things...

Our animals are allowed to roam free foraging for food as they would naturally. They are supplemented with high quality feed and produce. They are never fed sugary junk foods or given prophylactic antibiotics or any hormones. However, if they should fall ill, they will receive the medical care they need including medications and antibiotics. We will take great care in following meat & milk withdrawal times and make sure the animal is harvested appropriately. 

We like to call ourselves BEYOND ORGANIC because we raise our animals in line with the true original meaning of the word organic and allow our animals to be themselves roaming free with plenty of space, looking for food and playing with each other. 

Remember, we're not only feeding you, we're feeding our own family!!! 

Forest-Fed Pork

Our happy pigs are pasture raised and forest fed. They spend their days foraging in the woods for snacks. We supplement with spent beer grain and high quality pig grower grain, and veggie scraps year round! They are NEVER fed junk---garbage, sweets, bread, etc. 


Lots of love and TLC for these

intelligent, friendly social animals! 

Our Pork is humanely slaughtered and processed in a USDA facility. 

***Pork is sold by the whole or half share and also by the cut in our farm stand.



Pasture Raised Chicken


We raise traditional cornish cross broiler chickens. What makes us unique is that they are fully pastured beginning at two weeks old. We don't use chicken tractors or coop them up. They have access to shelter to escape the elements but are allowed to roam freely in their large pastured area surrounded by electrified poultry netting. This netting, along with our three guard geese and two donkeys keep the predators away!! Our geese and donkeys patrol the pastures and paddocks 24/7. It's the best security system a farm could ask for!!

This allows our poultry to enjoy life to the fullest foraging for grasses and insects as nature intended. One of the challenges with traditional meat chickens is their rapid growth. They have been designed to be sedentary and sit at feeders all day gaining weight rapidly. This can pose some health risks and challenges to the birds. Some of the things we do to minimize, actually eliminate, these issues is to arrange their pasture in such a way that they must move around to get what they need. Food, water and shelter are strategically placed at a distance from each other. We also practice the 12 on/12 off method for feeding. This means their feeders are filled with enough feed in the morning to last most of the day. The rest of the day, the birds must spend moving about and foraging for their own food. Feeders are not refilled in the evening. This means our birds maintain a more manageable weight all the way to processing day.

All of our poultry is processed here on our farm under a NH state exemption paying meticulous attention to sanitation. We are also able to sell our poultry to restaurants in NH. We utilize food grade hoses, chill tanks and stainless steel cutting tables. Each team member is educated in the process to not only keep our process clean and sanitary but to also ensure a humane end for our chickens. 

***We sell whole, frozen shrink wrapped birds as well as parts (boneless breasts, bone-in thighs, wings & drums) in our farm stand. 

Grass Fed, Grain Finished Beef

Our beef is raised off site at Sanborn Mills Farm in Loudon, NH.

They are a non-profit farm that spans over 650 acres. They offer workshops in blacksmithing, draft animal skills, and fiber arts. SMF is a traditional working farm dedicated to sustainability, creativity, and preserving traditional crafts, folklife skills, and agricultural knowledge so that the best of the past can help shape our future. 

Our beef spend their lives working on the farm and grazing their many pastures and are then finished on grain to add just the right amount of marbling to the meat for the most flavorful, tender beef around. 

We are very proud to have established this partnership with them. 

Please check out their website to learn more about what they have to offer our community. 

***We sell various cuts of beef in our farm stand

SMF oxen 2.jpg
SMF Black Oxen.jpg

We also raise goats for meat.