The Fudala's

Matt & I grew up in the suburbs and moved to Pittsfield in 2011. We quickly started a hobby farm on our 3 acre property. As we dove deeper into this lifestyle and learned more about the meat industry and factory farming, we felt deeply convicted about the abuse of man's authority over the animals put in our care. We felt there had to be a better way to raise animals for meat and we decided to turn this hobby farm into something more.

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The Lord will send a blessing on your barns and on everything you put your hand to. The Lord your God will bless you in the land.

Deuteronomy 28:8

A place where we could raise healthy happy animals and provide meat for our family, friends and community. We had a lot to learn but with the help of some friends and the farming community around us, we did it! Our farm has grown quite a bit and we now stretch over 33 acres! We raise pastured chickens & turkeys, forest-fed pork and goat! We use our goat herd for both meat and raw dairy products. We also have fresh eggs and raw honey! All of our animals roam free each day on pasture and frolic in the woods. We pride ourselves on providing the best life possible for our animals as well as a humane, dignified end. It is most important to us that we be worthy of their sacrifice.


We invite you to try our products and feel free to reach out and schedule a farm tour. We're happy to share this life with you! 


The Ayers

My husband, Brad, and I moved to Chichester, NH in September 2014.  We have three grown children and now live in our home (mostly just the two of us!) on 3 acres of land. Since moving, we’ve been looking forward to meeting neighbors and reestablishing community.  

As it happened, one beautiful day in early fall, I was purchasing produce from a local farm. Looking around at their beautiful fields, I began to think of our own property.  We have a large field hidden away in the back. What if we turned our back field into a vegetable garden? And what if that vegetable garden could bring family and the community together?  I left that farm full of inspiration and excitement!  

Brad and I couldn’t be happier to start this new venture together.  Incidentally, my sister Jill, also runs a beautiful farm in Pittsfield, “The Little Red Hen,” with her husband, Matt.  They are two of the hardest-working people we know ~ who also share a love for community.  It seemed obvious that we join forces together as we put our hands to the plough! We look forward to getting to know our community - that’s YOU - and learning to grow lots of stuff … with LOVE!


There is a biblical story of a man named Naboth who had a beautiful vineyard. The King loved it so much that he offered to buy it from Naboth. But Naboth refused to sell it so that it would be kept in his family. Naboth lost his life protecting his inheritance. 

The King never got that vineyard! Instead it was made into a beautiful garden that

still exists today. 

Naboth is a Hebrew word meaning

"fruit, productivity and prosperity"


The Perkins'

Autumnview Farm in Pittsfield is a family owned and operated vegetable farm owned by Bob and Cheryl Perkins. They stretch over 60 acres and have been in this current location for over 22 years! Bob is an 8th generation farmer who can recall growing his first rows as a young child in 1959. Together with his wife, Cheryl, they tend this land and offer more than just produce. They also offer cut-your-own Christmas trees, balsam wreaths, firewood, Jack-o-lanterns and Indian corn! 

Although they are not a certified organic farm, they use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices and are GAP certified. 

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Sanborn Mills Farm

We have also partnered with SMF in Loudon, NH. They provide us with organically grown produce as well as raising our beef.


More information about this beautiful historic farm coming soon. 

Be sure to use the link below to check out their website.