Fruit & Veggie CSA

Together with

Naboth Gardens of Chichester and

Autumnview Farm of Pittsfield

we are excited to bring you 2020

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)!!


Our 2020 CSA will run for 14 weeks and start around

July 19, 2020 and run until approx. October 25, 2020.


We offer two sizes: full share or half share.

A full share consists of a variety of in season vegetables and fruits to fill a standard bushel basket.

The half share fills a standard half bushel basket of the same.

Full share is $560.

Half share is $360.


CSA pick-ups will be made weekly during the allotted pick up times. Mondays 3-6 or Saturdays 1-7 at

85 Norris Rd. Pittsfield, NH


Below is a list of some of the vegetables and fruits you can expect to receive in your share during the summer and autumn months. You may also receive others not listed here. Availability and amounts will be dependent on weather conditions and any other uncontrollable variables occurring during the growing season.




Winter Squashes

Slicing Tomatoes



Cherry & Grape Tomatoes





Pie Pumpkins

Summer Squash

Hot Peppers

Sugar Watermelons


Sweet Peppers


Sweet Onions

Farm Fresh Eggs

Raw Honey


Although we are not certified organic farms, we do follow Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices.

IPM is an environmental strategy focusing on prevention of pests using biological control, cultural practices, and resistant varieties. Pest control measures are applied selectively to minimize exposure to the environment. This way many of our vegetables are never treated throughout a growing season unless absolutely necessary.

If you are interested in purchasing a CSA, you may do so by using the PayPal buttons at top of page or by contacting

Jill at 603-568-5540.

Please review the CSA contract

before purchasing! 

By completing your transaction through this website, you are agreeing to the terms of the contract. A paper contract will need to be signed in person upon pick up

of first week's share.

Review contract

before purchasing!!

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