Raw Goat Dairy 

We raise Nubian and Lamancha goats for milk and meat. We also offer goat kids in the spring. Our goats have a large enclosure with all kinds of things to play on as well as access to our back woods where they can browse and be goats!! 

We are an unlicensed raw dairy but believe we should strive to meet the same standards as licensed dairies to the best of our ability. We test our raw milk monthly and make those results public! Although we are not required to do this, we feel it is our ethical responsibility to our consumers to be sure our raw dairy is as safe as possible. We also use the same soaps, sanitizers and procedures as larger dairies to clean our milking equipment. Our monthly test results can be seen on our Facebook page.

We sell raw goat's milk, yogurt, & butter. We are also working to change the current law in NH to allow more raw milk products from small farms but will also propose some attainable safety regulations. 

***Our dairy products and goat meat are available in our farm stand. See our "Pricing & Availability" page for details

MIlk testing

Although we are not required to do so, we have decided to test our milk monthly and make those results known to our consumers. We are doing this to ensure that our milk and our processing from udder to jar are as safe as possible. We believe this is our duty as responsible and ethical farmers who supply raw milk to the community. And we want to be transparent about those results.

Please feel free to call or text Jill with any questions (603)568-5540

The lab we use is Udder Health Systems in Idaho (208) 922-9505

Facts about testing:

  • There are three main things tested:

    • Standard Plate Count (SPC) and Total Coliform (TC) indicates how clean and sanitary your process and equipment are.

    • Somatic Cell Count (SCC) is an indicator of the health of the animal and her udder.

  • There are certain levels allowable to be considered safe.

  • SCC levels for goats are different than for cows.

How to interpret results:

  • SPC should be less than 10,000.

  • TC should be less than 10.

  • SCC can be as high as 1.5 million and still meet the U.S regulatory standard for goat milk.

Our results

September 2019

  • SPC: 700

  • TC: <1

  • SCC: 221,000

October 2019

  • SPC: 1600

  • TC: <1

  • SCC: 305,000

November 2019:

  • SPC: 2600

  • TC: <1

  • SCC: 48,000

December 2019:

  • SPC: 600

  • TC: <1

  • SCC: 389,000

Our next milking season begins April 2020!!

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