We wouldn't be here if it weren't for the support of our amazing customers and their dedication to supporting small family farms.


Here's what some of them have to say...

"This farm is the best thing that has happened to Pittsfield in years. True, dedicated farmers are hard to find. I recommend the farm stand to everyone I talk to. Thank you!"     

-T. Rich


"We love Little Red Hen!! The ice cream is to die for. Just today, my husband was saying how he was craving the chocolate ice cream. Then seconds later I was craving the pistachio ice cream. Love to see the animals, too, knowing they are being raised so gently. Little Red Hen is a local gem!"

-D. Miller


"Super good farm raised products! Stopped in today, left with yogurt, pork chops and a chicken. The pork was amazing!! I'll be back! Super cute farm stand!"

-B. Lewis

"By far the best and most convenient farm stand. I am inspired by their set up and their commitment to sharing their progress with their community."

-E. Stone


"We bought a half pig last year and it was phenomenal! Jill worked with me to explain each cut of meat and the different choices with each cut"

-N. Laurencelle

"Nice folks. Very quick to respond"

-N. Bumford

"Jill is wonderful. It puts our mind at ease to know that all the products purchased are humanely raised and/or grown right here in New Hampshire"

-C. Eldridge

"I love Little Red Hen! Their pork tenderloin is SO delicious! The ground pork has just enough fat-i'll never purchase store bought ground pork again. And their sausage! OMG!! I've tried all 3 flavors which are delicious. I always have a package on hand in my freezer. I recently purchased chicken breasts-which I refuse to buy in grocery stores. It was tender & juicy. I will continue to buy my meat thru Little Red Hen from here on out, as well as their eggs. Its nice to know you're helping the "little guy" out & at the same time, eating a much healthier meat-no chemicals, anti biotics, etc.  Hopefully I'll get to try their ice cream this coming summer!!! Also, you won't find any 2 nicer people who are hard workers with passion & love what they & can provide for the community."

-S. O'Connor